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Assignments: June 3-7
Students are refining their cursive penmanship skills. Samples of their cursive penmanship will be sent for examination by third grade teachers.
Students have finished their reading books but reading class will continue through the last day of school.
Students are reading decodable stories with questions.
They are reading for pleasure.
They will finish the chapter book Miss Daisy is Crazy.
They will work on a snake booklet.

Students are using the phonetic skills they have learned to decode words.
Students will review spelling words they have learned this year.
A spelling contest will be held on Tuesday.

Students will have a X4 test on Tuesday.
Students are reviewing second grade math skills.

Math: SOL
Students will be tested on X3 on Wednesday.
They will begin X4

Students are watching the chrysalis as they wait for it to turn into a butterfly. They are learning the life cycle of a butterfly.
They are learning about magnets.
Social Studies
We are reviewing some famous people plusthe continents and oceans.