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Assignment for Homerooms 4A & 4C
A) Write your multiplication facts for 3 and 4 (in a notebook if you have it). Study these and put them to memory. Go to: to play games with these facts.

B) Do the following problems as a review:
1) 325 + 289 =
2) 569 – 568 =
3) 423 X 34 =
4) 586 ÷ 5 =

C) Log into IXL at:
Each student should know their username and password, if not call or email me and I will send that to you.
• Go to grade 4
• Go to section P, Fraction equivalence and ordering
• Do activity numbers 1 (Fraction Review) and 4 (Mixed Fraction Review)

Virginia Studies
Virginia Studies:
Assignment for Homerooms 4A and 4C

Virginia Studies book online. Webpage:
Find the picture of our textbook.
You can choose the audio version (them reading to you) or the one without audio.
Username : BuchananS
Password: 24614S

Vocabulary: Chapter 4 pages 66-69 Money from the Soil
Copy down the following words (in a notebook if you have one) and their meanings. Study them…
1. cash crop
2. money
3. barter
4. credit
5. debt
6. savings